Audit is now widely recognized as a fundamental and compulsory part of surgical practice for quality assurance to assure an outcome which aligns to internationally accepted norms. For this to be achieved there must be a robust framework in place providing on-going assessment, multidisciplinary input and monitoring of outcome for all variables which affect the patient journey. Important areas of assessment within this framework also include patient outcomes (surgical results), appropriateness of care, institutional performance, resource management and patient/health care provider satisfaction. The Department of Surgery is committed to lead and facilitate the implementation of surgical audit with the following objectives:

To serve as a basis for continuous and sustainable improvement in patient outcomes. A systematic review of untoward results will allow cardiac surgeons to monitor the clinical outcomes and to bring about improvement in service.

To support research and development of clinical policies.

To facilitate implementation of effective & efficient clinical governance.

To provide insight and feedback to surgeons’ performance.

To serve as a tool of accountability on clinical outcomes and use of resources.

With the support from the Professional Services Development Scheme (PSDAS), the Dendrite Surgical Audit was established in Mar 2007 for Cardiac Surgery. Dendrite Clinical System is a specialist supplier of clinical database and analysis software and consultancy service for healthcare sector. It provides point of care data capture and in particular, analysis and reporting, outcome tracking and both logistic regression and Bayes Risk modeling. The Dendrite System was subsequently rolled out to general surgery in PWH. Based on the data generated from the Dendrite system, the 1st Cardiac Surgical Report (2005-06) was published in Aug 2007. This is the 1st annual report of the Division of Cardiac Surgery, CUHK and it aims to provide insight into the clinical activity in cardiac surgery especially risk-adjusted outcomes for our patient population.

1st Cardiac Surgical Report (2005-06) [2.63MB]

2nd Cardiac Surgical Report (2006-07) [14.4MB]

3rd Cardiac Surgical Report (2009) [2MB]

4th Cardiac Surgical Report (2010) [6MB]

5th Cardiac Surgical Report (2012) [2MB]

2016 Cumulative and Current Outcomes [1.2MB]

2018 Cardiac Surgical Report [9.4MB]

Also funded by the PSDAS scheme, a one-day international conference "Establishing a National Surgical Database-Technological and Clinical Aspects" was held on 18 Mar 2008 to promote the concept of Surgical Audit and how the audit system can be incorporated into routine clinical practice and performance.

Download Programme book (7.2MB)

Clinic Data Collection and Outcome Monitoring: the European Experience
Professor Sir Bruce E. Keogh
President of the Society of Cardiothoracic Surgeons of Great Britain and Ireland
Download PowerPoint file (2.53MB)

Establishing a national CABG Registration in Mainland China: Questions and thoughts
Professor Sheng-shou Hu (
胡盛寿 )
President of Chinese Society for Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgery
Download PowerPoint file (0.97MB)

Technical Advances in Data Collection and Analysis
Dr. Peter K.H. Walton
President and Director of Dendrite Clinical Systems Ltd, UK
Download PowerPoint file (3.55MB)

Prospective Analysis of Clinical Outcome: Influence on Surgical Professional Development
Professor Malcolm J. Underwood
Chief, Division of Cardiothoracic Surgery, CUHK
Download PowerPoint file (1.78MB)

A Surgical Audit Coordinator was appointed in Mar 2007. The appointment was made to help, facilitate and coordinate audit within the Surgical Department. Departmental Audit Meetings are held quarterly to serve as a platform for sharing and discussion.

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