Single Port VATS procedures, in particular major lung resection have seen rapid development over the past few years. The 3rd Asian Single Port VATS Symposium will not only be a great opportunity to learn the most advanced single port surgery techniques from the current world authorities, but will also act as a forum for sharing of new ideas.

The symposium will take place over 2 days, with lectures and video presentations from some of the most experienced and distinguished faculty from across the globe in single port VATS surgery. The latest techniques in non-intubated single port surgery, subxiphoid single incision approach, e-NOTES thoracic surgery and much more will be discussed during the symposium. Perhaps more importantly, institutes and scientists at the very forefront of single incision surgery development will share their visions of the future in minimal invasive thoracic surgery. Other highlights will be the Live Surgery Global Interactive Sessions where the faculty will demonstrate their surgical skills for the symposium audience. Furthermore, the Live Surgery will be broadcasted in real time on the internet for surgeons, healthcare professionals and health institutions with the potential to reach every corner of the globe.


Real time web cast of live surgery will be available via Windows machines.