Weisheng Chen, M.D., assistant professor of Surgery, is the vice Chief of the Thoracic Surgery at Fuzhou General Hospital. A board certified General and Thoracic surgeon, his interests focus on benign and malignant diseases of the esophagus and lungs. His clinical and research interests include the treatment of a wide variety of esophageal disorders, with a special emphasis on esophageal cancer, and the treatment of other diseases of the chest including lung cancer, mediastinal and tracheal tumors, and the use of image-guided navigation system in minimally invasive thoracic surgery. A particular focus for Dr. Chen is the area of hyperhidrosis, and he completed transumbilical thoracic sympathectomy in 2010.

Dr. Chen gain additional expertise in esophageal surgery as a clinical research fellow in 2009 under the direction of Dr. Tom DeMeester.

Doctor of Medicine, Medicine, The First Military Medical University, 1996

The First Military Medical University; General Surgery, 1996 - 1997

Nangfang Hospital - General Surgery, 1997 - 1999
Fuzhou General Hospital Thoracic Surgery, 1999 - 2001
LAC+USC Medical Center - Esophageal Surgery, 2008 - 2009