With a generous donation from the S.H. Ho Foundation, the S.H. Ho Urology Centre at the Department of Surgery opened on 8 November 2013. Officiating guests included Dr. Ho Tzu-cho David, chairman of the Foundation; Dr. Ho Tzu-leung, governor of the Foundation; Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK; Prof. Francis K.L. Chan, dean, Faculty of Medicine; Prof. Paul B.S. Lai, chairman, Department of Surgery; and centre director Prof. Anthony C.F. Ng.

The key mission of the centre is to promote urological education for physicians and the public education in Hong Kong and the region, as well as basic and clinical research, in particular, the establishment of local Chinese experience and data. Among all urological diseases, prostate cancer will be one of the centre's focus research areas.

外科學系獲何善衡慈善基金會慷慨支持成立的何善衡泌尿中心在2013年11月8日舉行開幕典禮,主禮嘉賓包括基金會主席何子焯博士及董事何子樑醫生、沈祖堯校長、醫學院院長陳家亮教授、外科學系系主任賴寶山教授和中心主任吳志輝教授。 中心的使命是加強對醫護人員及公眾有關泌尿疾病治療的教育,並進行基礎和臨床研究,尤其着重蒐集本地華人的經驗和數據,藉以促進本港和鄰近地區民眾的泌尿系統健康。在各類泌尿疾病中,前列腺癌將是該中心的重點研究領域之一。

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