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The Division of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgery consists of a team of 9 plastic surgeons and trainees. The team provides plastic surgery support for the whole New Territories East Cluster with regular sessions at the Prince of Wales Hospital, the North District Hospital and the Alice Ho Miu Ling Nethersole Hospital, and we also attend consultations from the Shatin Hospital.


The Division takes care of the Burns Centre at the Prince of Wales Hospital. This is a modern world-class set-up offering both acute and rehabilitative services to affected patients of all ages. The Centre is well supported by a strong and devoted team of highly experienced nurses and a multidisciplinary team of staff playing different roles in the management of such patients. The Centre applies the latest technologies and dressings and has a well-staffed Skin Bank which provides a constant supply of cadaveric and porcine skin, amniotic membranes, as well as cultured epithelial keratinocytes. There are constant efforts at infection-control measures and monitoring.

The Head & Neck cancer service is a conjoint effort with the ENT Division. We are offering reconstruction after cancer extirpation employing the latest techniques using pedicle and free flaps achieving results comparable to international standards.

Similarly, the repair of major defects after general surgery excisions with flaps is often a result of collaboration with surgeons of various specialties, most notably and not exclusively, colorectal, cardiothoracic, orthopaedics and urology.

Breast reconstruction is our standard for all needy breast cancer patients. We offer specialist counselling of options to all newly diagnosed cancer patients. We have available for patients the full range of choices from external prosthesis, implants, to autogenous tissue choices from TRAM to DIEP flaps.

Skin cancer patients are arranged to have first consultation in a special Cutaneous Oncology Clinic with joint consultation by a special team of plastic surgeons, dermatologists and oncologist. This allows tailor-making the most appropriate decision for each individual patient.

Maxillofacial trauma service is also offered and the main source of patients is through the Accident & Emergency Department in relation to traffic accidents. There is close collaboration with Neurosurgery and the Dental Department.

The Division also provides a large-scale Laser Surgery Service offering laser dermatologic advice and treatment to patients with various pigmented and vascular lesions and scar problems.

The Vascular Malformation Clinic is a joint clinic with contributions from paediatric surgery, plastic surgery and interventional radiology. The Clinic maintains a good number of patients with haemangiomas and vascular malformations requiring treatment and/ or monitoring.

Since mid-2015 the Division has also taken up surgery for referrals of transgender operations.

The Division strongly supports self-auditing and peer review activities and is always on the constant strive for continuous improvement and quality service provision.


Division members also participate actively in educational activities.

The Division takes final year MB.,BCh students constantly the whole year round. The students are introduced to the scope of the specialty and its common approaches to surgical problems through clinical attachment, ward rounds and bedside teaching, out-patient sessions, operating theatre observations and whole class didactic lectures.

The Division is an accredited Training Centre, one of three in Hong Kong, for Higher Surgical Training in Plastic Surgery, endorsed by the Board of Plastic Surgery of the College of Surgeons of Hong Kong.

Members also participated in various teaching courses catered for the training of nurses in their undergraduate as well as postgraduate years.

The Division is active in organizing educational workshops and in participating in seminars and conferences. A number of burn and wound symposia have been conducted in the past few years. Several microsurgery courses were organized with cadaveric hands-on demonstrations of angiosomes, flaps and principles of perforator surgery. There is very active coordination with the continuous professional education activities of the Board of Plastic Surgery and the Hong Kong Society of Plastic, Reconstructive & Aesthetic Surgeons.

The Division, together with the Department, co-sponsored the hosting of the 4th Congress of the World Association for Plastic Surgeons of Chinese Descent in 2014 held in Hong Kong.

The Division has a Visiting Professorship fund which from 2013 is sponsoring bi-annually an expert to come to the Division.


  • scars and keloids
  • burn epidemiology
  • chemical burn
  • skin cancer
  • burn wound management
  • angiosomes
  • perforator flaps
  • microvascular reconstructions
  • lymphedema surgery

HA Staff
Dr CHIU Tor Wo Consultant
Dr TAM Yik Wun Yvonne Associate Consultant
Dr LEUNG Ning Yan Lianne Associate Consultant
Dr TING Wen Ching Jeannette Resident
Dr KO Wai Shan Sophia Resident
Dr TSE Darryl Andrew Resident
Dr CHEUNG Long Yin Ronald Resident
Dr KU Chun Fo Clement Resident
Dr LIU Ka Ying Eunice Resident


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