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Being one of the main academic and clinical urology centres in Hong Kong, our unit provides a comprehensive urological service for all kinds of urological conditions. Our unit is actively involved in both clinical and translational research, in particular uro-oncology, urolithiasis and men’s health problems. We are also committed to providing educational service to both health care professionals and the general public.

With a generous donation from the S.H. Ho Foundation, the S.H. Ho Urology Centre at the Department of Surgery opened on 8 November 2013. Officiating guests included Dr. Ho Tzu-cho David, chairman of the Foundation; Dr. Ho Tzu-leung, governor of the Foundation; Prof. Joseph J.Y. Sung, Vice-Chancellor of CUHK; Prof. Francis K.L. Chan, dean, Faculty of Medicine; Prof. Paul B.S. Lai, chairman, Department of Surgery; and centre director Prof. Anthony C.F. Ng.

The key mission of the centre is to promote urological education for physicians and the public education in Hong Kong and the region, as well as basic and clinical research, in particular, the establishment of local Chinese experience and data. Among all urological diseases, prostate cancer will be one of the centre's focus research areas.


Clinical service:
Comprehensive urological service, including uro-oncology, andrology service, reconstructive surgery, renal transplantation, stone management etc.

Educational service:
SH Ho Urology Centre will hold regular education programmes for doctors and nursing staffs. The annual Urology Symposium is one of the main regional urological meeting in Asia for urologists and urological nurses. Also the unit has regular public education and awareness programme to help the promotion of urological health in Hong Kong.


  • Introduction of shockwave lithotripsy treatment in 1996
  • First robotic prostatectomy in Hong Kong 2007



  • Genome wide study on the potential genetic risk factors for prostate and bladder cancer
  • Verification of new diagnostic tests for prostate cancer
  • Role of narrow-band imaging for the diagnosis of bladder cancer


  • Optimization of the performance of bladder cancer

Voiding dysfunction:

  • Comparison of the performance of various endoscopic treatment for benign prostate hyperplasia
  • Drug treatment for nocturia
  • Management and pathology of ketamine induced bladder dysfunction


  • The use of shockwave and other new therapy for the management of erectile dysfunction
Academic Staff
Professor NG Chi Fai Tzu Leung Ho Professor of Urology
Dr CHIU Ka Fung Peter Associate Professor
Dr TEOH Yuen Chun Jeremy Associate Professor
HA Staff
Dr CHAN Chi Kwok Consultant
Dr YEE Chi Hang Samuel Consultant
Dr LO Ka Lun Consultant
Dr TAM Ho Man Mandy Associate Consultant
Dr WONG Ho Fai Julius Associate Consultant
Dr LIU Qinyang Alex Resident
Dr CHUI Long Gordon Resident
Dr SIU Wai Hei Brian Resident
Dr WONG Hei Lam Resident
Research Staff
Dr WANG Yuliang Research Assistant Professor
Ms LAI Pui Tak Franco Nursing Officer
Ms LAU Sui Yan Becky Nurse
Ms YUEN Wai Fan Violet Nurse
Mr LEUNG Chi Ho Steven Research Associate
Ms HONG Yeuk Lam Cindy Research Assistant
Ms WAN Yuen Ching Helen Research Assistant
Ms KONG Wing Yan Angel Research Assistant


Advanced Endourology and Laparoscopic Surgery Fellowship

The urologic advanced endourology fellowship is in general 6 months in length, taking place in Prince of Wales Hospital, Hong Kong. The clinical goals of the fellowship include a high level understanding of both benign and oncological urology diseases, as well as surgical skills which include proper decision making and technical ability. Clinical fellows would have exposure in ward duties, clinic consultations and academic meetings. Hands-on surgical exposure includes endourological procedures, as well as basic and advanced laparoscopic procedures. Robotic surgery is available in our centre. Console experience would depend on the qualification of individual fellow.

Additionally, the research component is often required with the goal of sparking interest in an academic career and to teach basic research skills. Completion of a project is expected at the end of the fellowship. Area and discipline of academic research can be further discussed upon the commencement of the fellowship programme.

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