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Academic Staff (Clinical)

Professor LAU Yun Wong James Chairman & Yao Ling Sun Professor of Surgery
Professor POON Wai Sang Emeritus Professor & Clinical Professional Consultant
Professor LAI Bo San Paul Professor
Professor NG Kwok Wai Enders Professor
Professor CHIU Wai Yan Philip Professor
Professor NG Siu Man Simon Professor
Professor NG Chi Fai Professor
Professor UNDERWOOD Malcolm John Professor
Professor WONG Kwok Chu George Professor
Professor NG Kwok Chai Kelvin Professor
Professor WAN Song Professor
Professor NG Sze Hang Calvin Professor
Dr TEOH Yuen Bun Anthony Associate Professor
Dr MAK Wing Chung Tony Associate Professor
Dr CHONG Ching Ning Charing Assistant Professor
Dr FUTABA Kaori Assistant Professor
Dr TEOH Yuen Chun Jeremy Assistant Professor
Dr CHAN Shannon Melissa Assistant Professor

Academic Staff (Non-clinical)

Professor WONG Nathalie Professor
Professor GREGERSEN Hans Professor
Professor CHEUNG Siu Tim Associate Professor
Professor POON Chung Yan Carmen Assistant Professor
Professor LI Zheng Assistant Professor
Dr XU Mingjing Iris Scientific Officer

HA Staff

Dr LEE Kim Hung Consultant
Dr LEE Fung Yee Janet Consultant
Dr LEE Kit Fai Consultant
Dr CHAN Tat Ming Danny Consultant
Dr HOU See Ming Simon Consultant
Dr LAM Yuk Hoi Consultant
Dr TAM Yuk Him Consultant
Dr WONG Hung Leung Randolph Consultant
Dr WONG Kin Hung Simon Consultant
Dr WAN Yuk Pui Innes Consultant
Dr ZHU Xian Lun Consultant (Part-Time)
Dr CHIU Tor Wo Consultant
Dr WONG John Consultant
Dr CHAN Chi Kwok Consultant
Dr YEE Chi Hang Consultant
Dr MAK Wai Kit Consultant
Dr LEUNG Ka Lau Consultant (Part-Time)
Dr FUJIKAWA Takuya Associate Consultant
Dr CHAN Kin Wai Edwin Associate Consultant
Dr MOU Wai Cheung Jennifer Associate Consultant
Dr LIU Yuk Wah Shirley Associate Consultant
Dr NGO Kwok Yu Dennis Associate Consultant
Dr CHU Simon Associate Consultant
Dr KWOK Wai Ting Micky Associate Consultant
Dr LAU Wing Hung Rainbow Associate Consultant
Dr YIH Chun Ling Patricia Associate Consultant
Dr WONG Kam Cheung Kandy Associate Consultant
Dr CHIU Ka Fung Peter Associate Consultant
Dr CHAN Kit Ying Emily Associate Consultant
Dr NG Kit Yu Albert Associate Consultant
Dr PANG Kit Yi Kristine Associate Consultant
Dr CHAN David Yuen Chung Associate Consultant
Dr YEUNG Kam Tong Leo Associate Consultant
Dr WONG Yuen Shan Sammi Associate Consultant
Dr FUNG Kai Yip Andrew Associate Consultant
Dr CHEUNG Yau Fung Eric Associate Consultant
Dr SIU Yin Yu Eva Associate Consultant
Dr TAN Teresa Resident Specialist
Dr TSUI Siu Yan Bess Resident Specialist
Dr WONG Hei Yi Vicky Resident Specialist
Dr CHOW Chi Ying Simon Resident
Dr WONG Ho Fai Julius Resident
Dr LO Yee Juen Eugene Resident
Dr HO Yan Kit Jacky Resident
Dr TAM Yik Wun Yvonne Resident Specialist
Dr TANG Yeuk Lam Michelle Resident
Dr YU Sze Yuen Peter Resident
Dr KO Wai Shan Sophia Resident
Dr LEUNG Lianne Ning Yan Resident Specialist
Dr YU Adrian Ho Kun Resident
Dr POON Ho Ting Samuel Resident
Dr LAI Man Sze Carol Resident
Dr LU Yeow Yuen Gabriel Service Resident
Dr KWAN Cheuk Hang Ivan Resident
Dr ZHUANG Tin Fong Resident
Dr KO Choi Wah Rachel Resident
Dr LIU Qinyang Alex Resident
Dr NG Chat Fong Ben Resident
Dr CHEUNG Wing Lok Resident
Dr HUNG Nga Man Jessica Resident
Dr NG Ka Man Karen Resident
Dr TAM Tai Huen Prudence Resident
Dr CHAN Cham Yan Resident
Dr CHAN Wing Yan Joyce Resident
Dr FUNG Chi Heng Adrian Resident
Dr LAM Cheuk Ho Ray Resident
Dr AU YEUNG Kit Ying Kitty Resident
Dr IP Ho Wai Resident
Dr LAM Chun Wai Justin Resident
Dr LIU Yuk Ho Resident
Dr KWOK Chun Pong Daniel Resident
Dr MOK Chung Ying Richard Resident
Dr CHIU Hei Tung Natalie Resident
Dr FUNG Kristy Pui Ting Resident
Dr LEE Yeuk Nam Jackie Resident
Dr WEI Jeremy Lok Resident
Dr CHAN Daniel Leonard Honorary Resident
Dr LEE Sung Him Herbert Resident
Dr YAN Chung Tin Simon Resident
Dr CHEUNG Long Yin Ronald Resident
Dr MAK Wing Hin Christy Resident
Dr MA Siu Fai Alphonse Resident
Dr CHAN Wing Yan Yammi Resident
Dr TANG Anthony Man Kwong Resident
Dr KUNG Wui Cheung Janet Service Resident

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