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Urological system is one of the major body systems and involved mainly in the excretory and reproductive function. The main organs included the system are kidney, urinary bladder and prostate. With the increase in aging population, Westernized life style and increased disease recognition, the incidence of urological problems is increasing dramatically in recent years.

泌尿系統是主要的身體系統,主要涉及排泄和生殖功能,系統的主要器官包括腎臟,膀胱和前列腺等。隨著本地人口老齡化,西方化的生活方式和大眾對疾病的認知增加,泌尿問題的發病率在過去十多年中有顯著上升趨勢。目前,泌尿系統的問題是最常見引玫住院的原因,大概佔香港全年住院的12.8% 。在各種泌尿問題中,前列腺相關疾病是最常見發生,影響數以百萬計的人。在2010年,前列腺癌已成為第三最常發生的男性癌症發病率在過去11年增加了一倍。
Currently there is no centre in Hong Kong that is specialized in education, patient care and research in Urological diseases. This is a unique opportunity to establish such a centre in the Chinese University of Hong Kong as the first in Hong Kong.

We hoped through our work, health care workers and public can have the most up-to-date knowledge on urological conditions and also our researches would help the continue development and improvement in the management of these problems.


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