Publications 發表文章:

ESWT study - IJU 2014
One-stop clinic - BJUi 2014
The prevalence of LUTS in a Chinese population and the correlation with uroflowmetry and dx perception - IUM 2013
Augmentation cystoplasty in ketamine patients - IUN 2013
Phi in predicting initial prostate biopsy outcomes in Asian Men with PSA 4-10 - IUM 2013
A prospective randomized study of the clinical effects of shockwave delivery for unilateral kidney stones - 60 vs 120 shocks per min - JU 2012
Melamine crystalization - physicochemical properties - JU 2012
The role of urine PCA3 in the diagnosis of PCa - HKMJ 2012
Effect of Niacin on Erectile Function in Men Suffering Erectile Dysfunction and Dyslipidemia - JSM 2011
Short-term outcome of patients with robot-assisted versus open radical prostatectomy: for localised carcinoma of prostate - HKMJ 2010 02
NCCT trial - JU 200903
CVS risk in patients with LUTS - HKMJ 2007 12

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